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A divorce and family law dispute will set new rules and orders for you and your spouse to follow, such as who gets to spend time with your children and when. Waiting for the end of a divorce to have those orders in place can be a hassle, though. How are you supposed to handle personal and family matters in the meantime? A temporary order can help.

Come to Diggs & Sadler in Round Rock if you need help with temporary divorce orders. A temporary order will establish rules to follow while the divorce or a hearing is pending, and we can help make sure that those orders are correctly and fairly made.

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What are Temporary Divorce Orders?

A temporary order can be used to temporarily establish a court order regarding a variety of different concerns, issues, and disputes.

Most temporary divorce orders will deal with:

The duration of a temporary order will depend on what you need it to do and how long it will take to resolve the related divorce or family law dispute. In this way, some orders can last for months or even years. However, courts do not like to leave temporary orders standing for so long that they essentially become permanent, so it is important to work with a law firm like ours to keep your divorce case progressing.

Different Types of Temporary Divorce Orders

What concerns do you have about your divorce or family law dispute that will need to be eventually decided in court? Whatever you answered, those same concerns are what we should consider when discussing temporary orders.

Our lawyers can help you with orders that address:
  • Temporary child custody: Until your divorce case concludes, a temporary order can be used to establish custody over your children, so you and/or your spouse can make important decisions for them.
  • Temporary child visitation: A temporary visitation order will allow the spouse who does not get primary custody rights to still see their children while a divorce progresses.
  • Temporary child support: The court always wants to act in the best interests of a child of divorce, so temporary child support will be an early priority in the case.
  • Temporary spousal support: If one spouse will struggle financially while the divorce pends and they live separately from the other, then temporary spousal support will need to be established.
  • Temporary use of property: This type of temporary order decides how certain pieces of marital property can be used until the divorce concludes. For example, a temporary use of property order could allow you to use the family vehicle to get to and from work, even though you bought it together with your spouse.
  • Injunctive relief: A temporary order will establish what you must do, but it can also decide what you can’t do. An injunctive relief order will prohibit certain behaviors and actions.

Temporary Restraining Orders

If you have reasons to believe that your spouse might be unsafe or dishonest because of the divorce or family law dispute, then a temporary restraining order (TRO) might be required.

A temporary restraining order will prohibit certain actions, such as:
  • Harassment or abuse
  • Removing a child from school or daycare
  • Selling certain pieces of property
  • Withdrawing money from shared bank accounts

In Texas, courts can create and approve certain temporary restraining orders without notifying the restrained party beforehand. Sudden TROs like this can only last for 14 days before a temporary restraining order hearing must be held. During this hearing, the court will hear arguments from both sides and decide if the TRO should remain or be repealed. For example, an emergency TRO could be issued by the court if you are physically abused by your spouse.

When Can You Receive a Temporary Divorce Order?

Temporary divorce orders are used in many divorces and for many different reasons. Most courts want to use temporary orders to keep everything in order while a divorce or dispute is pending. Without temporary orders, you and your spouse are more likely to get into arguments and fights, which will just make everything worse.

Before you petition the court to create a temporary divorce order, you should come to our firm for legal counsel. We can help you decide which orders are necessary and how they can be fairly drafted.

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