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Meet Cindy Diggs

It was actually my mother who inspired me to become a lawyer. My mother, she was smart and beautiful, and she wanted to be an engineer. But back then, women didn't become become engineers. Women became homemakers or teachers. So my mother wanted me to become a lawyer.

She was absolutely thrilled when I got into UT Law School, and I'm very glad that I took that path. One of the things that I think had a big influence on my choosing family law as my chosen area of the law is that my parents are divorced, and they divorced well at a time when people weren't particularly understanding or kind about the divorce process. And one of the things that I remember with a great deal of gratitude is my father taking me home from an Orthodontist appointment one day instead of taking me back to school. And he said to me, I really should take you back to school, but I've taken you home early. And so I want you to go in the house, and I want you to clean it up for your mother.

I think in a way, that is what helped me when I went through my divorce. And my parents, I said, had a good divorce. It doesn't mean it wasn't painful as it was, but in the scheme of things, it was good. They could be respectful, they could be kind, and they modeled that for me. And I learned from that when I went through my divorce.

And I tried to help clients understand that they too, they can be kind to one another. That's okay. I think what gives me the most satisfaction as a family lawyer is how often and this may surprise people, how often I see my clients rise above the situation. I see them putting their children first. That's not what people expect that a divorce lawyer is going to say, but truly, they often do that in just amazing ways and sometimes very sacrificial ways.

I think that because I've been there and I know what they're going through. I think that means that I am better equipped to help them get through a very tough time. I can relate. I understand how really hard it is.