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Our Core Values | Family

One of the things that I really love about our firm is that every single person here is dedicated to our clients and making sure that our clients needs are taken care of, making sure we get them through. For some of our clients, the most traumatic things they're ever going to experience. But outside of that, the firm really fosters a sense of family between all of the attorneys and all of the staff. We do a lot of things with the firm to help foster that team environment, which then in turn, helps us be able to handle our clients cases better when we all can connect and then even more. Outside of that, being able to separate personal life from work life is really important because what matters to me is the same thing that matters to my clients.

My son is very important to me. And so it's easy for me to look at some of the needs of our clients when they're going through a custody case, for example. And I know how important their children are to them because I have the same level of importance to my child and my family. And so it's nice to be able to connect on that level and really empathize with where our clients are coming from and the situations they're dealing with and knowing that the decisions they make today in their cases are going to continue to affect them day after day when their case is over and when they're not back in communication with us every day, these decisions matter, and they're so important, and it's really important to me to make sure that we are helping our clients through that. So when the case is over and they're not connected to the firm anymore, they're still happy with the decisions that they've made or the rulings that they've gotten and able to live their lives.