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Meet Judith Sadler

I became a lawyer, in part because I really wanted to solve problems for people. I like working with people, and I'm pretty tenacious. I don't give in very easily. So that's something that is very valuable to clients. I empathize with them.

Having actually been in a lawsuit when I was younger from a car accident, and then learning what it was like to go through that process, I realized that if you have somebody who can work through the process with you, it can make all the difference. And it's a privilege for us to be able to represent people. They put their lives in our hands. They trust us with their family law decisions. They trust us with their business.

So when they come to us with a problem, for us to get to solve that problem for them, it's very satisfying, because at the end of the day, you want to know that if you were in that situation, that someone would fight for you, just like that. And so we do that here. Our firm takes great pride in being there for the client, for being able to protect their interests, for being able to advance their cause into always, always try to put the clients interest first.