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International Family Law


International family law encompasses divorces, child custody cases, and adoptions occurring internationally. The Hague Conference on Private International Law makes laws between countries similar to ease family law processes. Unfortunately, not all American liberties, such as same-sex marriage, receive the same recognition in other countries, which causes difficulties. To navigate the differing laws of other nations, a lawyer may be able to help.


International Laws on Property Division

During a divorce, many spouses must decide how to divide their property. The Convention on the Law Applicable to Matrimonial Property Regimes gave couples the ability to choose which country’s laws on property division they wish to follow. To choose a country, a spouse must be a citizen or have a primary residence in the country. When the divorce occurs in a country in which neither spouse is a citizen or resident, their case becomes particularly tricky.

International Laws on Child Support and Custody

International laws regarding child support and child custody are not straightforward or universal. However, most countries agree that a child abducted by their parent and taken to another country must be returned to the country of the child’s primary residence. Furthermore, parents escaping to other countries in order to avoid paying child support are still required to pay from those countries as well.

Contact an Attorney

Despite the gradual progress made in international laws, international family law is still particularly difficult to navigate. Securing an experienced attorney can help guide you through the process. To speak with a lawyer, call the office of Diggs & Sadler today at (713) 766-5355.

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