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Are There Alternatives to Divorce in Texas?

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Options Available

Divorce is a scary word, and many people who are considering filing often wonder if an alternate solution would be a better fit for their respective situation. Divorce can quickly become something very messy and often times painful as it can also impact the children. Some consider legal separation, but there is no such option in Texas. Rather, there are other alternatives available if divorce is not the best fit for a couple.

  • Informal Separation
    While legal separation is not an option in Texas and “informal separation” is not a legally recognized term, couples are able to mimic a separation through a combination of legal orders such as temporary orders and protective orders. While doing so does mean that a couple is still married, these orders allow them to experience a “legal separation” and all that it entails without actually filing for one.

This option is helpful for couples because it allows for similar provisions such as visitation and financial support without the legal proceedings of a divorce.

  • Trial Separation
    A trial separation allows for a couple to reassess their marriage and decide how to move forward while living in separate spaces. A trial separation involves agreements outside of the courtroom related to any necessary support or custody, and courts are not involved in monitoring this type of separation. This is helpful for couples who are uncertain about divorce and would like to test what living separately would be like.

Consult an Attorney

No matter what the thought may be, a person should always speak with a Houston divorce attorney to determine the best course of legal action for his or her situation. Make sure to take a look at our FAQS as well as our client testimonials and see what other people are saying about our firm.

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