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Changing Your Name Post-Divorce

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Deciding to Change Your Name

Many women who get divorced often debate whether or not to change their last name after the divorce is finalized. Those that decide to move forward with this change sometimes do not know where to begin or what the process looks like. While there are multiple steps, all that is needed is paperwork and time.

Divorce Decree

The most important step in changing a last name is to have “request to restore maiden name” or “request for name change” marked on the divorce papers. This step is crucial, as it becomes increasingly difficult to change a last name without this.

The court will review the request to ensure that the name change is not to avoid debt or criminal charges. In many cases, especially involving a return to a maiden name, there will be no debate and the judge will approve this request in the divorce decree and officially sign off on the name change.

Social Security

After the divorce decree is finalized, the first step is to put in the name change with the Social Security Administration. A person seeking a name change will have to fill out a request for a new social security card. This request will need to be accompanied by the divorce decree, proof of residence, and proof of age and identity.

Once the Social Security Administration has this information, they will then process the request and have the new card mailed out within a few weeks. Recipients will want to double-check that the Social Security number is the same as it was prior.

Banks, Work, and Others

After the Social Security card is obtained, a person can then process the name change with other institutions, such as banks, employers, and children’s schools. The process will vary depending on the institution, but it will likely include proof of name change in the form of the divorce decree.

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