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Parenting Agreements


Making arrangements for the custody of your children is one of the most essential components of a divorce, as the structure of your family following the divorce will be dictated by the agreements you make now. Rather than having many issues left undecided and allowing for potentially contentious arguments when they are addressed after the fact, many parents choose to draft a formal parenting agreement that specifically states their respective responsibilities and rights for access to the children. These agreements are typically constructed through out-of-court negotiation and then made enforceable through a court order after being presented to a judge.

At Diggs & Sadler, our legal team is committed to assisting individuals to manage their divorces in an effective and efficient manner, working diligently to craft a legal approach uniquely tailored to your family’s needs. Establishing an effective parenting agreement is necessary as these agreements help you establish clear guidelines that provide structure to your family’s post-marital life. Call a Houston lawyer with our firm today at (713) 766-5355 to discuss how we can help you with this.

What to Include in the Agreement

A parenting agreement should be considered a comprehensive document which covers every possible eventuality when raising your children after the divorce. Any circumstances which are not covered will have to be addressed on the spot, increasing the chance of arguments and other problems arising. To prevent this, the following issues are usually included in parenting agreements:

  • Custody arrangements and where the child will live
  • Visitation schedule
  • The amount and schedule of any child support payments
  • How major medical decisions will be made
  • Religious upbringing decisions
  • Holiday schedules
  • Educational decisions

While it is possible to create a parenting plan by simply sitting down between two parties, the assistance of an experienced attorney will allow you to be sure that the language of the agreement will stand up in court and that your rights are not being infringed upon.

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If you are considering divorce or have already begun the process, establishing guidelines for the upbringing of your children is an extremely important step that should be approached with professional legal guidance. For a consultation with an experienced Houston parenting agreement lawyer at Diggs & Sadler call us today at (713) 766-5355.

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