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Modifying Child Support Agreements


At the time that it was initially signed, your child support agreement should have accurately reflected both the needs of the child and those of each parent. Bearing that in mind, there is a good chance that this document will need to be modified to reflect the changing circumstances of each party, whether they are in regard to the child’s needs or either parent’s financial capabilities.

Why Agreements May Need Modification

Once you are ready to speak with an attorney about why you would like to modify your agreement, we can begin developing a legal strategy to help you work through the associated legal process. Though there may be any number of legitimate reasons to modify a support agreement, there are a few that are more commonly cited than others, including the following:

  • The financial capabilities of one parent have significantly changed
  • The child has greater financial need now than was originally accounted for
  • The child no longer requires financial support from the paying parent

Whatever the particulars of your situation happen to be, our attorneys can evaluate what legal grounds you will have to modify your agreement and then help you work through any necessary legal action to implement the modification.

Consult with a Modification of Child Support Law Firm in Houston

If your financial circumstances have changed, you may be able to modify your child support agreement to reflect those changes. To speak with a Houston attorney from Diggs & Sadler about the modification of child support, please contact our offices online or call us at (713) 766-5355 today.

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