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How does a forensic accounting expert help in a divorce?

A forensic accounting expert in a divorce can actually help in a number of ways. A lot of times when I tell my client, hey, your spouse has violated fiduciary duties against you, has not behaved in an upright and proper manner towards you and your property, and is essentially trying to cheat you out of your property. In those instances, I tell my clients, we need to get a forensic accountant so that the accountant can get on the stand and testify about that in divorce court. And that gives you a huge edge in court. Very important. But a lot of my clients don't want to go to court, and that's very understandable. And the truth of the matter is, most cases settle. So what good is a forensic accountant then? I always say, if you want peace, prepare for war. You get that forensic accountant. You advise the other side that you have that forensic accountant through your lawyer. Of course, you get the opinions of that forensic accountant and provide them to the other side, and you let them know what's it's in your war chest. And usually that leads to you being able to settle on a basis that is favorable to you.