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Can a dad get custody of his children?

It used to be a perception that fathers were not going to have custody of the children, but that's not what the court considers now. The court considers what is in the best interest of the child when they're deciding who should have custody of the child. Frequently, courts decide to have a joint conservatorship where both parents having the same sets of rights. But a father is not precluded from having sole custody.

And the court will look at things like whether or not you're involved with your children. Do you actually care for them? Do you know what they do at school? Do you participate in their activities? How involved as a parent can you be?

Is your work going to prohibit you from traveling all over the country so you're not going to be able to be with your kids? So those are the factors that we'll consider, and the fact that it's the father making their request is irrelevant. Our firm regularly handles cases for fathers and mothers and situations in which they're seeking custody, sole custody or joint custody, depending upon the case.