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How To Handle A Paternity Case


Children born within the confines of marriage are typically presumed to be from that marriage, however, paternity cases must be legally determined for cases involving children with unmarried parents. DNA testing is used regularly to definitively address this issue. The lawyers of Diggs & Sadler understand that determining parental rights can be challenging for families and our experienced lawyers are prepared to shoulder the legality of your situation so that you can focus on other matters.

Our Houston lawyers have done extensive work on paternity cases and understand how sensitive the process can be, especially for the children involved. If testing or other subsequent legal procedures are not in the best interest of the children, our lawyers will acknowledge this and settle the case in the best way possible.

Important Issues Resulting From Paternity Cases

Paternity cases can bring up a number of personal issues, but by enduring this process parents can ensure that they provide stability for their children. The main issues dealt with during this process include:

  • Whether or not the man is in fact the father of the child
  • Whether or not the father receives shared, joint, or full custody rights
  • Visitation rights of the father
  • Amount of child support demanded of the father

Whether you are the mother of a child and in need of financial child support, or you are the father of a child and want custody and visitation rights, the Houston lawyers of Diggs & Sadler, can help you settle the disputes among your partner so you can receive the best possible outcome. During this type of settlement, the legal help and advice of our attorneys provide unbiased mediation to help everyone involved in the process.

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The Houston lawyers of Diggs & Sadler can help manage the details and legalities of your paternity case. Contact a qualified Houston lawyer today at (713) 766-5355 to discuss the details of your situation.

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