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Reasons for Appealing a Ruling in a Divorce


Divorce appeals are fairly rare, and this is largely due to the enormous amount of paperwork and personal commitment that an appeal demands. However, there are instances in which a ruling made during divorce proceedings is unfair or the proceedings themselves are done improperly, affecting Houston residents for the worse. At Diggs & Sadler, we know how frustrating and damaging such rulings can be and, as such, believe it is important for people in this situation to consider appealing the ruling.

Why You Should Seek an Appeal in a Divorce Case

Appealing a divorce ruling might be necessary for numerous reasons. However, overturning a ruling can be difficult and needs to be carefully considered. This is largely due to the fact that, in order to overturn a ruling, a person must prove one of the following:

  • The ruling disregards certain facts or laws
  • The ruling involves an unreasonable departure from legal precedent
  • The ruling unreasonably departs from judicial custom

Should you and your attorney be able to prove that one or more of these actions occurred in your original divorce ruling, you may be able to have it overturned and seek a different ruling. As making a successful appeal can mean the difference between financial security and destitution, custody or not having custody, visitation or never seeing your children again, and more, it is critical to pursue such action if you believe it is right.

Discuss Appeals with a Law Firm in Houston

If you have gone through a divorce but are dissatisfied with the ruling and believe wrongful action was taken during your case, an attorney from Diggs & Sadler may be able to help you appeal the ruling. Call 713-766-5355
to learn more about your rights and the process of appealing a ruling in your divorce.

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