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What Is a Closed Adoption?


Parents may choose to adopt for a number of reasons, the most important being to love and care for a child who may not otherwise get that kind of upbringing. The specific conditions of a child’s situation will often determine whether the adoption should be closed or open.

In closed adoptions, communication between the adoptive parents and birth parents is minimal or nonexistent. Even if the two parties know of each other before the adoption, it is rare for contact to continue afterward. This provides a certain level of protection for all parties involved in this emotionally charged situation. An experienced attorney can walk you through your adoption options to choose the one that is most befitting of your situation.

Benefits of a Closed Adoption

The decision to go with an open or closed adoption is a serious choice that adoptive and birth parents must consider. Each situation and each child’s needs are different. The following benefits may be offered through a closed adoption:

  • Privacy
  • Sense of closure
  • Established boundaries
  • Protection from unstable birth families

As an adoptive parent, you have options in deciding what is best for your child. Speaking with a lawyer may give you more information on choosing an adoption agency or adoption option that will coincide with your wants and needs.

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Closed adoptions can be very complicated for parents who pursue them without the help of an experienced attorney. The Houston lawyers at Diggs & Sadler understand that this is an exciting and life-changing moment for you. Our mission is to handle your legal concerns so that you are to focus on your family. Please call 713-766-5355
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