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TX still denies marriage benefits to same-sex couples


Homosexual couples from the Texas National Guard are still being deprived of federal marriage benefits as the state recently denied granting a federal housing allowance to a married lesbian couple.

American Military Partner Association spokeswoman Chris Rowzee asserted that the state’s denial of granting federal marriage benefits to married homosexual couples is “discriminatory and illegal,” arguing that a federal benefit such as a housing loan should not be barred by the state.

The Defense Department earlier released policies allowing same-sex couples who are members of the military service to be entitled for the same benefits as heterosexual couples. However, these policies go against Texas’ current ruling that bans the recognition of same sex marriage.

Texas laws concerning LGBTQ+ marriages are constantly being affected by factors, such as federal and state amendments, making it critical to have legal support when dealing with any family law or divorce issues. At Diggs & Sadler, our Houston divorce advocates are versed in the most current laws and can help you. Call us at (713) 766-5355.

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