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If my accounts and car are in my name, do I get to keep them in the divorce?

If you're a car in your bank accounts or in your name only, it might not necessarily mean that you get to keep those assets once the divorce is finalized. And the reason for this is because Texas is a community property state. And what that means is that any assets that are acquired during the marriage are community property, unless they're acquired by gift or by inheritance. And it's important to look at, for example, the car that's in your name. And if that car was acquired either prior to the marriage or if it was a gift to you during the marriage, then you would be able to classify that property as separate and maintain it as your own after the divorce is finalized.

And the same goes with your banks and your accounts that you have in your sole name. They could be classified as community property even if they're in your name only if it was money or if the money in the account was acquired during the marriage. And that's one of the reasons it's important that you speak with your attorney and classifying these certain assets. So you have an idea going into mediation or a final trial of what possibly could be yours once the estate is divided.