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What happens if Monday or Friday is a holiday?

So in Texas, under the standard possession order, we have certain provisions for what happens if the day that you're starting possession or the day that you're ending possession, which is normally a Monday or a Friday. If you're the visiting parent, you're the parent who has the possession order. If those are holidays, there are certain provisions that allow the weekend to be expanded because of those holidays. For example, if you're scheduled to return your child on the Sunday before Labor Day, for example, and you have your child that weekend, the code allows you to keep your child over that Labor Day holiday and return them at the end of that Monday instead of at the end of the Sunday weekend. And so what that does is it really expands the possession for the visiting parent to make sure that they have maximum time with their child when it matters.

For example, when the child's off of school and has a holiday and the parent can spend more one on one time with them. It also helps to even out the possession for both parents over the years. So, for example, with our standard possession order, it's always going to vary based on the year and the holidays. But generally speaking, the parent who's getting possession has the kiddos about 45% of the time those holidays open it up a little bit more to help even the playing field and give both parents more equal possession time, even though it's not exactly 50 50.