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What To Look For in a Divorce Attorney

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Key Qualifications in an Attorney

Hiring an attorney to handle your case is an important decision that you should not take lightly. When searching for an attorney, there are several qualifications you should keep in mind and determine before making your decision.

Effective Communication

Your attorney should be able to communicate effectively and in a timely manner on critical issues related to your case. It should be easy to communicate your goals and concerns with your attorney, and they should have the ability to listen and understand. The right attorney should also be able to communicate complicated legal matters in a way that you can understand more easily.


Your attorney should have a track record and understand the law well enough to effectively fight for you throughout your case. There should be a sense of peace knowing that your attorney has the ability to work through your legal matters while you do your best to live your new life.

It is also important that the attorney’s experience be relevant to your needs. For example, should you have a complex situation involving child possession and access, your attorney’s skill set should match that type of case.


Your divorce may be stressful and cause a wide range of emotions that can be challenging to process. The attorney you choose should understand your feelings and circumstances and work to ensure that your needs are being met throughout the process. You should feel as if you are more than just a client.

Strong Courtroom Presence

While your attorney should be kind and caring toward your new situation, that does not mean they should come across that way in court. There should be someone willing to step up in difficult battles and not back down when the pressure builds. Your attorney should understand that divorce can be a fight and should work to obtain the best possible solution that meets your needs.

Ask Questions

During your search for an attorney, it is imperative that you ask questions to gain a better understanding. Hiring an attorney is a big decision that can have significant ramifications on your case, so truly knowing who you are bringing to your team is of utmost importance.

Set Up a Consultation

Remember that research should be put into action. Reach out to the attorney that interests you and set up a time to meet with them and get to know them better.

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