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4 Tips to Healing During an Emotionally Taxing Divorce

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4 Ways to Get Back On Your Feet

A divorce of any complexity can be devastating, as the marriage that you thought would last forever is now coming to an end and you are back where you started. Figuring out how to move forward and heal may seem impossible with all of the many thoughts and feelings running in your head. Fortunately, there are practical steps you can take to help yourself recover emotionally from your divorce.

1. Allow Yourself to Grieve

Grief is a natural part of life when something negative or sorrowful occurs. If you do not allow yourself to process this event, then it is harder to completely move forward. In the case of a divorce, you have lost a relationship, a means of support, and, in ways, a loss of hopes and dreams. It is understandable to be upset over this loss.

Grieving is often broken into five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It is very common to go through each of these stages over the entirety of your divorce and, to a degree, even after the divorce is finalized. Allow yourself to move through these stages as quickly or as slowly as necessary in order to heal.

2. Build Your Support Circle

Even though you lost a spouse, there are still people in your life who can be a listening ear and comforting presence. Shutting yourself off from your family and friends can contribute to feelings of loneliness and depression. By contrast, these people can help bear your burden and assist you in processing what you are feeling in order to help you take the necessary steps toward healing.

As difficult as it may be to surround yourself with people again, it can be beneficial to stay close to a group of trusted individuals.

3. Practice Self-Care

You may have had trouble remembering to take care of yourself physically during your divorce due to all of the events going on and the feelings you had. Now that the divorce is finalized, getting back into a routine can be a key to healing.

First, take care of your body. Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly can not only improve your physical health but can better your mood, as well.

You may also benefit from both maintaining a routine again as well as finding new ways to express yourself. Many people find help in the form of a new activity or hobby. Finding these new habits may give you an emotional benefit.

Finally, it can be healthy to treat yourself every once in a while. This can range from a bubble bath at night to allowing yourself to have a night out with friends. Positive activities and occasions can help you move forward.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Finally, if you feel like you need help with your feelings, don’t be afraid to ask. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Whether that help comes in the form of speaking with a therapist or doctor, remember that it is important to take any steps necessary to heal. The emotions you feel during a divorce can be overwhelming; if you need a helping hand, reach out and grab one.

Do You Need Help Understanding What Is Next For You?

Divorce can feel devastating, and you may not be able to process what your life may look like when everything is finalized. Know that Diggs & Sadler is here to help you. We know that divorce is overwhelming. We can help you process your next steps are and get you through each one. Know that you are not alone; we want to help you turn the page.

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