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Loss of Trust and Divorce

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When you choose to marry someone, he or she likely becomes the person that you trust the most. However, over time this trust may be worn down, potentially reaching a point at which you feel as if you no longer trust your partner at all. This loss of trust can occur for a number of different reasons, each of which is particular to a couple’s unique situation.

At Diggs & Sadler, our legal team knows that many Houston residents might be facing the loss of trust in their marriage and, as a result, be contemplating divorce. While trust may possibly be re-established, in many cases filing for divorce is the best option for both partners

How Trust May Be Lost and Lead to Divorce

Marriage is difficult in and of itself but can be made even more so when your spouse engages in behavior that causes you to lose trust in him or her. Some of these behaviors might include:

  • Long periods away from home, often without explanation
  • Admittance of extramarital affair
  • Leading a false online life
  • Discovery of blatant lies about marriage
  • Irresponsible handling of children

These factors might have led to your loss of trust in your spouse, and you may not see any way of recovering your marriage. In such cases, divorce might be the right answer to help you move on with your life.

Contact a Divorce Law Firm in Houston

Divorce is not always easy, particularly when your marriage ends due to the loss of trust, but it can provide a way to move forward in your life. Contact the attorneys of Diggs & Sadler today to talk about how divorce might be the right decision in your case. We can easily be reached at (713) 766-5355.

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