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What Is an Open Adoption?


One major factor in the placement process of a child is the flexibility of adopting parents. As such, those who are more flexible will likely adopt a child faster than those who have specific terms. Open adoptions are one way to increase your chance and speed of adoption. Open adoption allows the birth parents to stay involved in the child’s life in varying degrees.

While the adoptive parents hold all of the legal rights, the biological parents may be allowed to interact with the child via mail, photos, or even face-to-face visits. If you are considering an open adoption, an experienced attorney may be able to help you understand your legal rights before you make this decision.

Benefits of an Open Adoption

Open adoptions can provide many benefits for both the adoptive parents and the adopted child. Some of the benefits include:

  • Trust development between the adoptive and birth parents
  • Less mystery and fear about the birth parents
  • Allowing the child to develop a positive relationship with the biological parents
  • More medical information about the child

Open adoption may also allow children to feel more confident about who they are and where they came from—often an identity issue that arises with closed adoptions.

Consult a Houston Adoption Law Firm

Those who are interested in an open adoption may wish to contact an attorney to help them consider the option and draft paperwork. At Diggs & Sadler, our attorneys have years of experience helping families plan for open adoptions and may help you take this exciting new step towards parenthood. Call tel:713-766-5355 today to speak with an attorney in Houston.

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