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Annulment vs. Divorce


The process of annulment is extremely similar to divorce in that it is a legal undertaking which dissolves an existing marriage. The differentiating factor between the two is the legal status of the marriage following the annulment. In a divorce, the marriage is understood to have existed and have been subsequently terminated. Annulment, on the other hand, establishes that the marriage was never valid in the first place and, thus, erases the legal existence of the marriage. This is an important distinction that can have ramifications for future marriages and the legal standing of both parties with regards to one another.

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Grounds for Annulment

In the state of Texas, there are a number of grounds upon which a judge will grant an annulment of marriage, ending the marriage and legally eliminating its existence, including:

  • Underage marriages that occurred without parental consent
  • The marriage occurred while one or both parties were under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • Either party was impotent at the time of marriage
  • Either party used fraud, force, or duress to induce the other into marriage
  • Either party did not have the mental capacity to consent to marriage
  • Either party was divorced in the 30 day period preceding the marriage and concealed this information
  • The marriage license has been issued for fewer than 72 hours.

By demonstrating any of these circumstances in court, you may be able to have your marriage legally annulled.

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