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How Child Custody is Determined


Child custody is one of the most important debates that parents go through during a divorce. Children are often the most precious shared responsibility for which a divorced couple must make an arrangement. There are several types of child custody agreements a couple may choose between or that a court may determine will benefit the child the most. While joint custody is a common form of split custody, there is usually a dominant parent with more physical custody even though the former couple shares legal custody. In other situations, the court may decide it is more appropriate to give one parent sole custody of the child.

At the office of Diggs & Sadler, our attorneys are prepared to help walk you through the process of creating a child custody arrangement that will protect your parental rights and the rights of your child.

Factors that Influence Child Custody

The court will take into consideration several factors in order to provide the best situation for a child to grow up. Some of the most important elements that will help determine the child custody arrangement for a child include the following:

  • Specific needs of the child
  • Relationship with the child before the separation
  • Quality and continuation of education for the child
  • Stability of home environment
  • History of domestic violence or other criminal behavior
  • Parents’ employment responsibilities

The court may also consider the wants and desires of the child depending on the situation. With these factors in mind, the court will determine the most appropriate custody situation for your child.

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