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Same-Sex Couples Child Custody


When same-sex couples separate child custody issues can become especially difficult. Since same-sex couples are not allowed to be married in many states, the custody of a child may be uncertain. Oftentimes, one spouse may have no legal right to the custody of a child. This can cause emotional uncertainty and distress. The lawyers at Diggs & Sadler know that same-sex couples are up against certain legal barriers when they seek child custody during a separation. Our legal team is prepared to help you through the process of seeking child custody, regardless of the legal status of your relationship.

Specific Issues Relating to Same-Sex Couples Child Custody

Same-sex couples are currently fighting for similar rights that heterosexuals already enjoy. Some issues come up during a divorce or separation because of the nature of the current laws. These are some factors that you and your partner may face as custody is determined:

  • The legal status of the couple
  • How the child came into the custody of the parents (i.e artificial insemination, adoption)
  • Joint adoption versus single parent adoption
  • History of parental responsibilities

If you and your partner have decided to split and have children together, the legal process may be especially complicated. These issues and factors will help the court decide the legal standing of each parent.

Consult a Child Custody Law Firm in Houston

The lawyers at Diggs & Sadler understand the stakes of your child custody case. In many states, one spouse may have no legal standing for custody. With the help of our lawyers, we can help you fight for the custody of your children. Call 713-766-5355 today to speak with a lawyer.

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