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Reasons to Go to Divorce Court


There are many ways that a married couple can settle on the terms of their divorce, such as negotiating privately or using divorce mediators. Typically, many people prefer to avoid going to court over a divorce, as things may become more stressful or drawn out, but there are times when it is necessary to do so. Settling a divorce in court may be the only way to reach a reasonable and fair outcome.

If you and your spouse are filing for divorce, it is important to have a confident and skilled attorney on your side. The Houston attorneys of Diggs & Sadler are dedicated to helping clients protect their rights during divorce. For more information on how we can help, contact us at 713-766-5355.

When to Go to Court

Certain circumstances usually call for a divorce to be brought to court. The following are some common situations that necessitate court action:

  • Your spouse is trying to bully you into an agreement – If your spouse has a history of getting their way through abusive or aggressive behavior, you may need to go to court to avoid being pressured into an agreement that is not favorable to you
  • Your spouse has hired a combative lawyer – Some attorneys are more aggressive than others and may convince your spouse that a court battle is the only way to settle the terms of your divorce. In these cases, it is a good idea to hire an attorney who has experience dealing with combative attorneys
  • Your spouse has stopped communicating with you – If your spouse has cut off communication, the divorce court may be the only way to settle the divorce
  • Your spouse has hidden assets – If your spouse has assets that they are trying to hide, going to court can force them to reveal such assets so that your property is split fairly.

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At the firm of Diggs & Sadler, our experienced and skilled lawyers are prepared to help you fight to protect your rights during a divorce. If you are going through a divorce and need a qualified attorney, contact our offices at 713-766-5355.

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