Supreme Court Touches on Issues of LGBTQ+ Marriage and Divorce


The Texas Supreme Court tackled issues surrounding same-sex marriage and divorce on Tuesday, November 5. The arguments the court heard surrounded issues relating to whether Texas can grant divorces to LGBTQ+ couples who were married elsewhere.

The hearing focused on two same-sex couples questioning whether the state’s same-sex marriage ban approved in 2005 applies to same-sex divorce, and if it conflicts with the Federal Constitution.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott believes that after Texas’ approval of a constitutional ban on gay marriage, the state law would not allow Texas to recognize LGBTQ+ divorces, as it will not legally recognize LGBTQ+ marriages.

Over the years, state and federal laws concerning same-sex marriage and divorce have been constantly changing. As such, dealing with family issues as a same-sex couple can be even more difficult. If you are a same-sex couple from Houston seeking counseling for legal matters, such as divorce, our legal team at Diggs & Sadler can help. Call us at (713) 766-5355 to discuss your situation today.

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